I, Beatles -origami (see English version below)

Насекомые – одни из древнейших живых существ, появившихся на Земле.

Не удивительно, что их силуэты и формы с древних времен использовали при создании украшений. Хочется верить, что традиция эта не менее живучая, чем сами насекомые: они пережили пять массовых катаклизмов и оказались более стойкими, чем тиранозавры.

Коллекция «Я, ЖУК» – своеобразное исследование эволюции этих древнейших существ. В данном случае эволюцию удалось запечатлеть в полимерных материалах.

Последняя, наиболее прогрессивная форма, которую насекомые сумели принять в современных условиях – форма фигуры-оригами. Место обитания – человеческая одежда, головные уборы, волосы, руки. Как и насекомые в природе, эти украшения очень живучи.

Insects counts as members of the oldest living group of creatures that appeared on Earth.

Not surprisingly, their silhouettes and forms since ancient times inspired artisans and artists to create ornaments and decorations. Apparently this tradition is not less tenacious than insects themselves: they withstood five global cataclisms and were more resiliant than tyrannosaurs.

Jewelry collection «I, the Beetle» is a kind of evolution study of these ancient creatures. Only in this particular case, their evolution was captured in such diverse materials as polymer and metal.

The latest development in their transformation took the most advanced form, in which insects were able to appear in modern life form — an organisms that shaped by origami. Naturally they found new suitable habitat — human clothing, hats, hair, hands. Just as aforementioned insects in nature, these ornaments created in their likeness are very tenacious.

Special strength of character is evident in the ones made of metal, processed and distressed in various ways. Some particularly resourceful species were able to decorate their bodies with cubic zirconia, Svarovski crystals and black diamonds.

The collection includes: brooches, pins, rings, hats, cufflinks, decorative elements to sew on clothes.

Materials used — polymers, pigments, metal clasps. Jewelry sizes range from 2cm to 20cm.